Friday, June 5, 2015

Earthbound turned 20, so I wrote this novella

Earthbound, that quirky Super Nintendo RPG most people ignored back in the day but has since earned a cult following, turned 20 years old today.

Earthbound is just about my favorite thing ever - even better than Taco Bell! - and I'm so excited I don't even care that I'm a decaying old man now.

Back in 1995, before smart phones, the internet, Justin Bieber, and light bulbs, 12-year-old Matt couldn't wait to play Earthbound after seeing the great coverage it got in Nintendo Power. And today, I feel the same way.

I wrote the Earthbound Scrapbook in 2010, posting each chapter to this blog separately. To celebrate EB’s 20th anniversary, I collected those posts here into a single novella.

Clocking in at 125 pages of stories and photography that hearken back to the original strategy guide, I view the Earthbound Scrapbook as a companion to your EB play through, or just a fun way for Earthbound enthusiasts to spend an afternoon.

Each entry is from the viewpoint of a different character, ranging from the obvious through the obscure, from the humorous to the poignant – just like Earthbound itself!

Here it is.