Friday, September 24, 2010

If You Give a Gamer a Camera...

...he'll ask to make gamer movies.

As an undergraduate I had a duel major. The first was English, which may or may not be surprising. The second was Communications: Media Studies. Basically, the college gave me a high quality, near professional grade camera and told me that as long as I wrote hundreds of essays about Tennessee Williams, Henry James and R.L. Stine for my first major, I could use the camera to film whatever I wanted. All I had to do was adhere to some odd criteria like "video must use rack focus at least twice," "video must depict a jump cut" or "video must incorporate embarrassing photograph of Richard Nixon."

While everyone else was filming criminally acted how-to videos and their cat asleep on the washing machine for 25 minutes straight - all with Intellivision quality sound - I was filming stuff with street fights, guns and allusions to video games - all with Intellivision quality sound. Fresh from the archives, here's a few short films that are sure to inspire a mighty sense of Mario madness! Or the madness might come from the fact that you wasted your time.

Probably the second one.

Outer Heaven

A Metal Gear Solid parody circa 2002. Note that the gun featured at the end of the video is based on Konami's Hyper Blaster design.

Anti Drunk Driving PSA, Nintendo Style

Filmed to compliment a presentation by Sarah Shepherd. She also came up with the "drinking isn't a game" concept, which is why she advertises for a big company now.

Ultra Omnisphere 3000

This is basically my finest accomplishment, meaning that I peaked at the age of 19. And I love this video enough to be okay with that. Featuring my entire family doing silly things and a boatload of references to Silent Hill, Super Mario and more, Ultra Omnisphere 3000 proves that even if you take the player away from the games, you can't take the games away from of the player. Fun fact: The main male character was inspired by the late "As Seen on TV" spokesman, Billy Mays.

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