Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh no! Evil Nintendo!

Have you ever heard the urban legend about the Evil NES? I guess it's kind of silly, but a little frightening in a way.

Apparently the cartridge slot is the best you've ever seen: It plays any game you put in, regardless of how dirty the connections might be. Both of the controllers are functioning perfectly and the light gun works on any television, even the new flat pannels.

But supposedly, after you turn the NES off for the 666th time, the game remains on your screen. No matter what you do, it won't go away. Finally you take out the cartridge. The power is off and there's no game in the console, but that image just won't go away.
Then you go in for one more look...

Nobody really knows what happens at that point. Some say the player's soul is sucked into the unit; others say it takes your sanity.

The one thing that's generally agreed upon is that once the Evil NES has obtained its grim harvest, it disappears from the victim's home... and reappears on the shelf of some used game store, good as new.

It's got to be an old wives tale. But do be careful the next time you head into a pawn shop.

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