Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pier Solar, for Genesis and Mega Drive, has been Released! (Finally)

The first Genensis/Mega Drive game in more than a decade - Pier Solar - has been released, according to an e-mail sent out today from the game's programmers, WaterMelon Team.

"Hello friends of Pier Solar, this email is about preorder id : XXX, packaging : u, Classic Edition.

"Your order has been shipped. You should receive it within 20 days.

"Please note that damaged parcels must be refused at delivery time, we will not refund or exchange any accepted parcels that has been damaged during shipping. Thanks for your understanding."

Uh, awesome! After dropping 50 bucks for a game that was supposed to come out two years ago, if the cart is broken, I'm screwed! Thanks, WaterMelon Team!

Your copy is broken? Oh well; eat my a**.

Pier Solar began life more than five years ago as “Tavern RPG,” a pet project of the Sega fansite, Eidolon’s Inn. What was meant to be a small undertaking blossomed into a full-fledged, 64 MEG role playing game for the Genesis, complete with “asynchronous turn-based battles,” an enhanced CD soundtrack for Sega CD owners and at least five selectable languages, including English and Japanese.

“We hope all those who purchase Pier Solar will gain the very same feeling of excitement [and] joy they had from playing the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis for the very first time,” write the developers on the Pier Solar web page. “We want people who play Pier Solar to experience the same level of enjoyment and pleasure [that] we did from creating it.”

Pier Solar shares its initials with the Phantasy Star series, which is often considered the premier RPG franchise on the Genesis.

In addition to Pier Solar, two other role playing games have been released for the Sega Genesis in the last five years by the company Super Fighter Team: Beggar Prince in 2006 and Legend of Wukong in 2008. Both games were translations of existing Taiwanese cartridges released in the territory during the Genesis’s heyday in the ‘90s.

You can be sure that I'll be around to tell you whether this oft-delayed title was worth the wait!

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