Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mario! Mario! Mario!

In early 1990, my mother went to the now-defunct Caldor every Tuesday looking to snag a copy of the hottest new Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros. 3. We heard though a friend that new stock arrived that morning, including NES games.

Having read about Mario 3 in the pages of Nintendo Power for months, my young mind could often think of nothing else. Week after week, Tuesday became synonymous with disappointment. But while on the bus home one afternoon, my brother started freaking out and pointed to our house as we dove past. My mother was standing in the living room, pressing the Super Mario Bros. 3 game box to window. I'd never run so fast home in my life. 

It’s more 26 years later, but I suddenly got the urge to walk outside of my office, lift my arms to the sky, and start chanting, "Mario! Mario! Mario!"

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