Friday, May 13, 2011

Edios Takes a Hacker Hit; Let's a Play Friday the 13th For NES

I'd really like to talk about something else on this blog - like Sega's brawler Streets of Rage, the upcoming Duke Nukem Forever, or even Milon's Secret Castle for the NES - but people keep hacking the heck out of gaming companies lately, so it seems more important (and timely!) to talk about that instead.

The latest victim of nerd rage is Edios Interactive, owned by parent company Square-Enix and pwned Wednesday by someone calling him- or herself "Chipping1337." Although Edios says there's no evidence of credit card info being stolen yet, this latest hack attack cost them about 25,000 e-mail addresses and 350 resumes.

Note to gaming companies: If an applicant claims to have held 350 awesome jobs on their resume, you're probably dealing with a thief.

The hackers struck the website for Edios's upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution game, as well as the Eidos Montreal's website. The company shut down their websites and says that they're currently notifying those who's info might have been compromised. Meanwhile, back in Hackerville, the bad guys say that they're going to start distributing the misbegotten information soon via file-sharing services.

"I couldn't protect your resumes. I... I'm sorry."

First Sony (then Sony, then Sony AGAIN) and now Edios. What's going on? Is this some sort of calculated attack on gaming, masterminded, no doubt, by the Legion of Doom in their underground Hall of Destruction? Are we experiencing some kind of copycat crime spree? Or were these attacks unrelated, having been planned for weeks and coinciding by mere happenstance?

I'm not sure. All I know is that 1.) Maybe it's best to hunker down with my good ol' Genesis and SNES games, and 2.) this is a dark time for gaming.

By the way, tomorrow PlayStation Network will have been down for 28 days.

On this, the 13th day of the month (a Friday you see), what may make you feel better is reading about everyone's favorite NES flop, Friday the 13th by LJN. At least playing that game, you won't have your address stolen by hackers; you'll just be killed outright.

Man, that Jason Voorhees is a considerate fellow.

He's the most dangerous hacker I know.

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  1. Hacker! I get it! Yeah, I read about the stolen whatnot from Eidos last night. Any word yet on what they meant by "src"? Deus Ex, or website code?

    It reminds me of when Half-Life 2 was nicked. Crazy days.